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  • The Strummer DNA Kit 1 comes with two 5.65″ stages and a 15mm LWS swing arm.
  • Weight 0.785 kg
  • Matte Box Compatibility
  • Strummer DNA
  • Rod Standard
  • 15mm LWS
  • Filter Size 4×4″, 4×5.65″ PV, 5.65×5.65″

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  • With an entirely new architecture and increased field of view, the Strummer DNA Kit 1 is twice the strength and half the weight while retaining its compact form and incredible functionality, making it the ultimate studio matte box.
  • The Click Cassette Technology and our Swing Away Slide Core lies at the very heart of this system, making your lens changes an effortless task while retaining an incredible field of view, covering up to a 14mm Cooke with 3 PV stages and up to a 12mm Master Prime with the 6″ cassette!
  • You can switch from 4 x 5.65 to 6 x 6 by simply switching the cassettes and the Strummer DNA allows you to add and remove filter stages with the press of a button using our patented click cassette technology.
  • Strummer DNA Kit 1 has a unique 3/8″ and 1/4″ side mounts and top flag mounts that give you the freedom to set up your camera in unprecedented and entirely new ways.
  • This matte box also allows for a vertical position adjustment of up to 12.5mm and horizontal adjustments of up to 10mm to ensure everything lines up perfectly.