Bluestar Lens Cleaning Cloth

24,80 incl 24% VAT

Our Bluestar Lens Cleaning Cloth is the most revolutionary Lens Cleaning Cloth designed to safely clean all optical surfaces. The microscopic material structure grabs and holds dust, dirt and oils. Safe to use on all optical surfaces, coated or not.

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1-2 days


Blue, Green, Orange, Red


Lens cleaning liquid is typically not needed, but can be sparingly used if necessary.

Hand wash with warm or hot water and hang to dry. Never wash any Lens Cleaning Cloth in a machine as the machine may contain dirt or particles that can become trapped in the Cloth and damage your optical surface. Always practice safe lens cleaning techniques.

The attached Ultrasuede storage pouch conveniently closes with velcro. The Lens Cleaning Cloth is grey and the variant color is the storage pouch. Size of the cloth is 10″x10″.