Aputure Spotlight Mount

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With the Spotlight Mount, Aputure enters into a whole new class of modifiers with the introduction of the world’s first Bowens spotlight mount. Achieve a greater degree of control with the Spotlight Mount’s internal shutter blades for sharp cuts. Acquire pinpoint accuracy when projecting your light with your choice of 3 different lenses.

Precision Optics
The three lenses for the Spotlight Mount were designed with professionals in mind. In addition to allowing the 120d II to produce 10 times its original output, the high-resolution lenses produce an even beam of light, with minimal light falloff on the edges, while maintaining a shift in color temperature of less than 200 degrees Kelvin.

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10-20 days



19°, 26°, 36°



  • Interchangeable Lens (19°, 26°, and 36°).
  • Aluminum Alloy Die-Cast.
  • Minimal Edge Fringing (1mm @5m).
  • Std. Bowens mount, Modular Design.
  • Hi-Res Lens (2K Resolution).
  • Easy Sharp Cuts (Internal Shutter Blades).
  • Even Light Spread.
  • Std. B-size Gobo.
  • Removable Gel Frame.
  • Dual Junior / Baby Mount.
  • Low CCT Deviation (+-200K).
  • 10X Light Output w/ 120d II.
  • Multi-Slots for Gobo/IRIS.

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