adicam MINI cart

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Cameraman or sound engineer often have to solve a lot of difficulties such as irregular footage area or small, difficult space. The appropriate and stable setup as well as possibility of fast cameras and supplementary equipment movement can really help in the tasks realization. This help is provided by the lightest film cart that the company has to offer – Adicam MINI.

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8", 9", 10"



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Adicam Mini cart


Adicam MINI weighs barely 28.5 kg and allows to transport the equipment even five times heavier. This model has four hand-folded wheels (8″-fi200 mm) which are equipped with sealed bearings. Swivel wheels have been enriched with breaks which guarantees more stability in difficult conditions. Each deck has been covered with facing to prevent displacing of the equipment. The cart can be folded to small dimensions suitcase which can be easy carried by most of the cars. Assembly and disassembly takes only 2 minutes and is incredibly effortless. The wide list of the available accessories allows for a configuration by choice.

8″ Pneumatic wheels with two brakes.
9″ Pneumatic wheels with two brakes (additional option, the total weight of the cart will increase by 6.7kg and the height by 20mm)
10″ Pneumatic wheels with two brakes (additional option, the total weight of the cart will increase by 7,5kg and the height by 50mm – Will not fit inside the folded cart)

Folded cart dimensions: height 150mm / width 630mm / lenght 860mm
Assembled cart dimensions: height 980mm / width 630mm / lenght 860mm
Weight: 28,5 kg without accessories
Capacity: max 150kg