Kinoflo Tegra 4Bank DMX, Univ 230U

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The Tegra 4Bank DMX is a broad, soft light source ideally suited for television and film quick shooting styles.  The Tegra 4Bank DMX produces a soft, diffused, beauty light without the use of a bounce card.  The onboard DMX ballast is high output and offers DMX and manual lamp switching and DMX and manual lamp dimming without any color shift. Dimming is also available with the use of a hand-held remote dimmer.  The louver and built-in barndoors provide additional light control.  With its universal power supply, the versatile Tegra 4Bank can be used anywhere in the world.
The Tegra 4Bank DMX includes a center mount, honeycomb louver, reflector and built-in barndoors with newly designed hinges.  Its all-in-one lightweight design is cool to the touch and can be mounted to a stand or hung from a grid.
The Tegra 4Bank operates on 4ft T12 True Match® lamps (CRI 95) available in tungsten and daylight balanced lamps, (KF32 and KF55).  Kino Flo visual effects lamps in 420nm blue for blue screen and 525nm green for green screen application are also available.
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 Fixture Input
Amperage Dimming
Lamps Dimensions Weight w/ Lamps
  Tegra 4Bank DMX 100-240VAC 40kHz 2.8A 100~5% 1~4 4 x 75W T12 52 x 13.5 x 6″ w/ 6.5″ barndoors (132x34x15cm w/ 16.5cm doors) 19 lb
  Tegra 4Bank DMX 240-100VAC 40kHz 1.4A 100~5% 1~4 4 x 75W T12 52 x 13.5 x 6″ w/ 6.5″ barndoors (132x34x15cm w/ 16.5cm doors) 19 lb


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