F&V Follow Focus Basic Complete Kit

370,76 με 24% ΦΠΑ

Incl. Follow Focus Basic + Speed Crank + 3 * Flexible Lens Gear – Επαγγελματικά χαρακτηριστικά σε προσιτή τιμή, ένα σύστημα Follow Focus του οίκου F&V.

The F&V Follow Focus Basic Complete Kit includes the Follow Focus Basic unit and additionally a speed crank and 3 Flexible Lens Gears. The Follow Focus Basic allows you to work precise, quickly and efficiently. With features such as a high precision reversible gear box and a 15mm snap-on rail mount, this follow focus delivers ergonomic design characteristics for shooters of all levels. The F&V Follow Focus Basic is a high precision follow focus unit that features a gearbox that can be flipped. Depending on whether you are shooting with short or long lenses, this function allows the drive gear to be flipped either closer or farther away from the camera as needed by the location of the lens’ focus ring. Also the rotation direction of the gearbox changes when it’s flipped to have the normal rotation direction also with Nikon lenses. Made from high-quality aluminum, the Follow Focus Basic is a strong and light weight piece of equipment. One of the greatest features of this follow focus is its high precision gear box. Unlike conventional follow focuses that do not utilize internal worm gears, the Follow Focus Baisc allows for precise control over the focus gear. There is no backlash or play when adjusting focus with this piece of equipment. The Follow Focus Basic also features a plastic, removeable, focus-marking disc as well as an adjustable focus marker. The F&V Follow Focus Basic delivers professional features at an affordable price.

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